5 Ways To Increase Your Creativity

Posted by Amanda Hobart

Doing creative activities can take a lot of your mental energy and the more often you create, the more likely you are to feel stumped on your next project. It happens to everyone, but what can you do if you are suffering from creative burn out?

Here are 5 ways that you can increase your creativity levels.

1. Meditate

Meditation is a simple activity that you can practice anywhere. Regular meditation also allows you to better handle stress and rebound quickly from setbacks. Plus, it opens your mind to new and creative ideas.

Just ten minutes of meditation a day will help you clear your mind, find new solutions to problems, and boost your creativity levels. Studies have shown that meditating before a meeting produces a wider range of original ideas from employees- showing that meditation helped them be more creative.

Meditation is easy to get beging with. There are plenty of guided meditation videos on the internet for you to listen to and follow. This is a great free option for learning to boost your creativity and is an important skill for managing your stress.

2. Improve your Self Confidence

You can either do this yourself or ask a life coach for help. However, you decide to improve it, self-confidence has been linked to creativity. This is because your confidence level affects everything that you do, or don’t do, in your life.

Doubting yourself will only keep your creativity low. If you want to improve your self-confidence, try to do these little activities every day. They will help put you in a healthier mind frame and give you a better view of yourself.

●  Help another person

●  Take care of yourself

●  Challenge  your critical thoughts towards yourself

●  Practice positive affirmations

Taking these small steps every day will greatly improve your confidence.

3. Engage in New Activities

Trying something new can be scary for many people. Although, getting out of your element is a great way to boost your creativity.

Of course, one way to improve your creative thinking skills is to practice using your imagination more often. Activities you are unfamiliar with are great at forcing you into doing this- plus, you may find a new hobby that you really enjoy!

4. Find Creative Friends

Being surrounded by thoughtful and unique friends is another way to increase your creativity. When you are around original ideas and thoughtful conversations, you will start to learn to think in the same way.

For example, many famous painters or writers were friends with another. We see this time and time again in history. This is not a coincidence, when people are surrounded by those who share their passions, it makes it easier to express those passions to the world.

5. Pamper Yourself

Sometimes, blockages in our creativity can be caused by too much stress and is easily fixed by a self-care day. You can spend a day relaxing, destressing, maybe even visit a spa and find that you are much more creative after refreshing your mind.

Being creative every day can make it increasingly difficult to come up with new ideas. Simply taking a break can make a huge difference.

Put whatever creative project you are tackling in the back of your mind for a few hours and you might find a unique solution when you come back to it.

Final thoughts

Those were 5 ways to increase your creativity! All of them are relatively simple, so do not be afraid to start working on them today. You will be glad that you did, once you start noticing a boost in your creative energy and thoughts.

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